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Foundation Program (HUB)

Year 7 2021 Foundation Program

Our Foundation Program is a new research based approach to the beginning of secondary education for our students. We want to create a ‘bridge’ between primary and high school and a supported start to high school where we set our academic and social expectations to provide a positive school environment for all.

There will be an increase in the teacher student ratio to allow a consistent and supported approach to learning. Year 7 will work in 2 groups (hubs) of approximately 55 students and 3 teachers for their core subjects – English, Maths, Science and HSIE. All other classes including PDHPE and Technology will have a traditional format. Teachers will collaboratively plan, teach and assess students incorporating syllabus requirements. Learning programs will have a substantial emphasis on literacy and numeracy skills and embed the syllabus capabilities of critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, communication and creativity.

The engaging cross-curricular units will ensure learning is authentic and flexible. Students will be able to work and learn in groups or independently. Learning support will be provided whether students need extension and enrichment or support with learning difficulties. Wellbeing initiatives will be embedded throughout the program.

The Year 7 Foundation Program will ensure the development of key skills to ensure their academic excellence through to Year 12 and beyond.

Amanda Hill - Head Teacher English and Languages

Halo, kenalkan nama saya Bu Amanda Hill. (Hello, my name is Mrs Amanda Hill.) My greeting and introduction is in Indonesian because I am the Head Teacher of the Languages Faculty and the English Faculty at Macksville High School. I’m a very proud ex-Macksville High School student and I returned as an English/History/Drama teacher in 2004. I’m a HSC English Senior Marker and love the way that the English subject allows students to express themselves and explore literature. I’m really looking forward to enhancing the skills of our Year 7 students as part of the Foundation Program in 2021 and aim to share my passion for reading, writing and debating.

Jeff Mills - Head Teacher Mathematics

Hello, I’m excited to be part of the 2021 Year 7 Foundation Program. I have experience teaching Mathematics across many schools on the North Coast and in the United Kingdom. I am the Head Teacher of Mathematics and I am passionate about working my hardest to ensure our students are able to achieve the best outcomes they can. My aim for students in the Foundation Program will be to provide them with the problem-solving and self-management skills they will need to be lifelong learners and mathematicians.

Toni Jones - Science and Sports Co-ordinator

Hello, I’m Mrs Toni Jones, a Biology and Chemistry teacher who has been teaching at Macksville High School since 2013. I am a local who grew up and went to schools within the Valley. After completing my degrees and working in a science laboratory, I worked out west for many years before coming back home. I look forward to the next progression of my teaching career in delivering Science within our Foundation Program in 2021.

Mr Mark Werner - HSIE

Giinagay, ngujawiny, nganyundi bijaarr Mark Werner. Ngaya yaam Torres Strait nyarr. Ngiyaala  junga  ngarraangala Gumbaynggirr jagun. (Hi everyone, my name is Mark Werner and my ancestry is from the Torres Strait. I would like to acknowledge the Gumbaynggirr people and their ancestral homelands). I am a History, Geography, Aboriginal Studies and Aboriginal languages teacher and I am looking forward to meeting and working with you all next year.

Rachel Foster - Mathematics 

Hello everyone, I’m Ms Rachel Foster, a Mathematics teacher who will be joining Macksville High School in 2021. I grew up along the North Coast and have spent the last 3 years teaching mathematics in Dubbo. I am passionate about making mathematics relevant and meaningful and so I always strive to make real world connections in my lessons. I’m really excited to be a part of the Foundation Team next year and look forward to getting to know all of you.

Jane Barron - English / Mathematics

Welcome, my name is Ms Jane Barron and I am thrilled to be one of the Foundation Team teachers in 2021. I have dual Mathematics and English teaching qualifications placing me in a unique position to support and extend Year 7 students next year in both learning areas. I look forward to being a part of establishing a successful transition to high school for all future Year 7 students.

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